About FAIR Cookware

It’s almost Christmas. Merriment and togetherness capture the essence of this holiday; we are uniquely joyful and inspiring. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and to some of us it will also be the happiest time of the year. But to others it may not. It’s quite a challenge, a difficult time for so many.

Giving a face to America’s hungry
More than 46 million people in the U.S. struggle with hunger and face tough choices about using limited resources for everyday essentials; it’s almost shocking that one in eight people rely on food banks, food pantries and meal service programs to feed themselves and their families. One in three low-income families struggle to afford everyday essentials. Limited resources remain persistent, because millions of Americans are still struggling financially as a result of the Crash.

Hunger is closer than you think: your neighbor, best friend or even co-worker may be struggling to get enough to eat and to purchase essential products. This actually exists in literally every part of America. It affects people from all walks of life. It’s not only an urban problem, but also a suburban and a rural one.

Be fair and share

For families that don’t have the money for food and everyday essentials, Christmas doesn’t only mean hunger, but also more costs they can’t afford. They face tough choices every day: choosing between food and medical care, utilities and transportation. So let’s help them today.

FAIR Cookware contributes to the fight against hunger in the U.S. by supporting your local food bank with our ‘buy one, give one’ philosophy.

A hunger-free America where everyday essentials are available to everyone may be a dream, but we’d like to support that dream. How? By bringing you fair cookware: high-quality cast iron skillets at competitive prices. We aim to provide 350,000 skillets to both consumers and people turning to food banks.

Care to share: are you ready to take more control over your cooking process and support others to get the essential products they need to survive? We need your help: every skillet you purchase can go twice as far to help families during the holidays and beyond. For every skillet purchased, we donate the exact same one to those in need.

Turn our idea into reality & check our Kickstarter initiative

We’re proud of our high-quality cast iron skillets. They are versatile workhorses. No other skillets even come close to their league. And we’re just as proud to support America’s hungry, together with our vibrant backers. Do you have questions related to cast iron or are you looking for more inspiration to support your local food banks? Feel free to contact us at social@faircookware.com and check our Kickstarter initiative.