Rising against hunger

FAIR Cookware contributes to the fight against hunger in the U.S. by providing an everyday
essential – traditional cast iron cookware – to local food banks and food pantries.

Buy one, give one

Christmas is just around the corner. Join us in our mission and play a role in providing items that are essential to daily life. Buy a skillet and give one to someone in need. For every skillet purchased, we will donate the exact same one to people struggling with hunger in your local area. Every dollar you donate can go twice as far to help families get support for the holidays and beyond.

Support our initial funding goal

We hope to raise at least $40,000, a funding goal we will use to support the production and distribution of our skillets. With this funding, we will initially support 500 households relying on local food banks and food pantries.

Support us on Kickstarter from December 1st 2017.

Our FAIR concept

FAIR Cookware skillets are based on our unique fair concept: we believe that high-quality cast iron skillets should be available to all. Our skillets meet the highest quality standards and are offered at competitive prices.

No close runner-up

We make cast iron which is able to impart flavor and can be passed on for generations. It will not last a lifetime; it will actually last several lifetimes. Being basically indestructible, our skillets guarantee a successful lifelong relationship.

Cast iron, it’s a steal

From juicy sear-roasted steaks, to fluffy baked cornbread, to fall-off-the-bone braised lamb shanks, to crunchy fried shrimps, our cast iron skillets rock at almost any type of cooking.

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